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                                               NACP BEST IN CLASS AWARDS

The NACP is thrilled to announce the annual Best in Class Awards. The Best-in-Class awards considers all categories, disciplines and contributors in the construction field. The award is earned by companies and individuals who display excellence, leadership, and forward thinking, while demonstrating that they put their teams first.


Participating in this year’s awards program will provide companies the chance to showcase the following:

  • What they are doing to become a true Best in Class industry leader.

  • What they are doing that sets their company apart from others.

  • What it is that makes people want to be a part of this company or team.


Nominees are sometimes the quiet heroes working day-in and day-out, or they may be leaders and recognized powerhouses of the industry -because of their focus on their people, teams, and results. Nominees for these awards form the backbone of the industry, build a better future for each of us, and build America. We look forward to reviewing all submissions!


Members are welcome to nominate their own firms, team partners, subcontractors, or third-party businesses.

Consideration Requirements

Nominations must meet the following requirements:

  • Nominees must: a) Be a current NACP member in good standing, or b) Become a member in good standing during the evaluation period and prior to time of award.

  • Nominations must be submitted electronically and must explain in detail; a) Values of the company or individual b) Team-based or partnering initiatives or accomplishments, and c) Achievements that set the nominated company apart from others in the industry.

  • To be evaluated for the award submit a PDF document in the layout you prefer. Creativity in your submission is encouraged. The document must highlight and demonstrate how the company has put the team first and what elements sets this company apart in their discipline. Clearly illustrate what makes your firm “Best in Class.” Nominees are encouraged to focus on elements of excellence in categories such as:


    Expertise & Innovation                                New Concepts/Technologies                   New Materials/Methods

    Efficiencies in Execution                             Partnering Achievements                         Focus on People/Customers

    Achievement of Strategies/Goals               Company or Team Leadership                 Promoting Safe Worksites

    Developing a Quality-Focused Culture      Overall Excellence                                    Overall Achievement


The submission must also include the following information:

  • The category for which the award is being submitted (see categories below)

  • Testimonials from customers, team members, or partner companies or organizations

  • A minimum of two letters of recommendation from customers, team members, or partner companies or organizations

Submission Dates - Best in class:

The NACP will accept nominations until September 30th during each calendar year.  We will follow the schedule as outlined below:

  • Nomination period from April 30 – September 30

  • Evaluation & Voting period from October 1 - December 31

  • Notification period from Jan 1 – Feb 28

  • Awards presented at the Annual Conference in April


Best In Class Categories

 Category                                                 Description


  • Best Project                                                 This category is for any project team that meets or exceeds the requirements, strategies, goals, and                                                                           objectives of a project; it also includes projects that apply innovations in materials, methods, or                                                                                   delivery, and produces unique features or results on behalf of the customer or the public.

  • Best Design Team                                       This category includes those teams involved in design, engineering, architecture, estimating, design-                                                                         build, BIM, and design-related partnerships with construction firms.

  • Best Heavy Construction Team                   This category includes those teams involved in demolition, excavation, site utilities, geotechnical,                                                                                 waste facility construction, water resources construction, site work (heavy landscape), flatwork,                                                                                   concrete, asphalt, paving, and other similar infrastructure projects.

  • Best Commercial Construction Team          This category includes those teams and contractors involved in large commercial construction                                                                                     projects, such as vertical office spaces, and large warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hospitals,                                                                               universities, shopping centers, or govt. facilities.

  • Best Residential Construction Team           This category includes those teams and contractors involved in small commercial or residential                                                                                   facilities like apartment buildings, single-family homes, townhomes, convenience stores, and small                                                                             community centers and shopping centers

  • Best Specialty Construction Team              This category includes those teams and contractors who are involved in specialty contracting to                                                                                   include  environmental, historical preservation, landscape, special craftsmanship, unique structures,                                                                           large monuments, and similar projects.

  • Best Finish Construction Team                    This category includes those teams and contractors who install interior or exterior finishes on a                                                                                   commercial, residential, or specialty project.  Special consideration will be given for those who                                                                                   complete beautiful or innovative finish work.

  • Best Construction Tradesperson                 This category is designated for the person who is the best tradesperson, team member, or laborer,                                                                             who goes above and beyond typical work requirements for the benefit of his or her team and project.

  • Best Construction Manager                         This category is designated for the person who is the best at innovatively meeting and managing                                                                               construction project requirements, while providing outstanding leadership to construction team                                                                                   members.

  • Best Construction Executive                       This category is designated for the person who is the best executive in a construction company; this                                                                           person will provide innovative strategies and solutions to help construction teams and project meet                                                                             and manage construction project requirements, while also providing outstanding leadership across                                                                             the construction company.            


Submit applications to:

Include “Best In Class Awards” in the subject line

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